Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy day!

So 5am I woke to the sound of the sky falling. By 9am I had given up any pretensions to leaving the house... I think we got a whole season of rain in a single day. So finally a day to start setting up what would be a 'man cave' if I was a man... funny how girls don't get a man cave... you'd think we don't need somewhere to break down and rebuild our bows, shoot a few arrows and beat up the ol' punching bag in peace. Or just fletch some arrows without fear of ruining the table finish etc
I've got the target set up, and the punching bag... still no room for the bow cases... :D my recurve is currently leaning against the bed in my room... I really need to get the bat cave sorted :D
But I'm an out of sight out of mind kind of girl. So the recurve will probably stay where it is. I won't do SPTs everyday if the bow needs setting up every time... lazy I know, but working around your own laziness is an art :D
Main focus at the moment is my bow shoulder. So set the shoulder low at pre-draw using lats to keep it down. I had this really strong, back in May 2009, and a weak shoulder shows up in my bad shots big time.. so it's a good place to work on this week.


  1. AUPA !!!!!! ERIKA
    UP !!!!! ERIKA

    I've seen your latest video, very good production, with music and everything.
    thank you for showing your technique, hand on the string not hurt, the face when you shave your face string?
    Oh and every video you are more beautiful, low to the garage to practice or even fashion show? you are very beautiful (do not know if I said it)

    I write several blogs that I think will be of interest:
    this is a man of Chile, is a phenomenon, is a master archer
    The following is if you stop eating koalas, hahahaha (just kidding)
    in the video, put spaghetti is not true, put noodles, as in soup, are very fine and here we call them angel hair, never mind the video, is not exact, seafood fried first, then fried noodles, When cooked, achieve the hot water in the pan, the proportion is ... a glass of spaghetti, two water containers are

    Bon Apetit

  2. Hi Erika,

    Thanks for the vids!!:-)
    Watching you is the only coaching I've ever had, in 15 years of shooting, it helps a lot. Being able to see muscles as you shoot gives one a really, really clear mental image of what's going on. QUESTION, my anchor is much like yours, knuckle to jaw, nose tip to string, do you lock your left elbow or is it slightly bent? THANKS !! :-) Keep it up, you are a real inspiration.

    1. Hmm obviously I'm socially deficient... I keep finding messages I haven't replied to years too late :S I keep my left arm straight. The elbow is locked but not rigid if that makes sense. Sorry this is so late!


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