Sunday, March 6, 2011

Windswept and interesting or just major bed hair..

The disadvantage of posting your training vids online, is when you have those days where you rolled out of bed and went straight to training, bed hair and all....well then everyone knows...It's windy, you can see it's windy, so I'm calling it.

And to add to my bad hair day, I'm starting to feel like I'm reinventing the wheel. The bow shoulder has been driving me skitzo for weeks. Never seeming to get stronger no matter how many arrows I shoot. Well today I remembered something that any recurver worth her salt should know...if you pre-draw/set up high and let gravity guide your aim onto the target, the shoulder is naturally lowered and much more consistent. I'm thinking it's not my pancreas that failed, but my brains. I've been setting up too low the whole time and I even noticed I was doing it a couple weeks back.

So in the mean time I've been changing it up for my cardio sessions...yes the crappy Tasmanian summer that never happened has been driving me inside. So this week was step aerobics with the fabulous Gilad... hahahahaha bad 80s aerobics vids are gold! Big hair, bad lycra the whole bit. It was all a plan to get the girls in the family into a daily workout that my sister has consistently piked on all week... but it was a giggle and the weather really has been down night uncivil... I think I'll be shooting in the garage more often than not this Autumn :(

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