Monday, September 10, 2012

Home again, home again jiggety jig....and spring cleaning it is :)

So home... where the heart is...well not really...that's on the other side of the planet lately enjoying way better weather than me... home is where my bed and my kittens are so close enough I guess :) and I get to be home for a whole week and a half.

So stage one of this important and rare event (being home) is barre class, treadmill and food diary. We're off to Thailand for work in 10 days and you can never work out enough pre bikini opportunity. Oh please let there be opportunity to lounge and photosynthesize! I spent my summer doing archery stuff and freezing my butt off in deepest darkest Denmark all in the name of love... what silly creatures humans be... and will likely spend my next summer doing the same...all I need now is new shoes to match my party dresses for conference and we're prepared for Bangkok and warm weather :)

Stage two is conquering the bows... my recurve is much neglected. So shot a bit of recurve on the weekend. Have ordered a new Titan recurve scope and a clicker extension so I can play with draw length a little more. Only shot maybe 40 arrows, but technique and strength were not as bad as expected.

The weather was heinous and foul so I shot a grand total of 4 ends outside with compound. Still have the odd shot through paper that can't be explained, but otherwise the bow seems good. So going to ignore the random unexplainable paper tear and drag out bow number two for an overhaul. It's quite possible that the random shot is purely my lack of arrow fitness biting me on the butt. So arrow fitness first. We will address fine tuning again when my fitness is up. You'll have to excuse the latest vid as a bit random. I gave my mum a lift home from the archery field on my way to indoor and managed to leave my trigger and finger sling on the table... hence using my Atension for the day and one of the shoelaces from my runners for a sling :D and occasionally wondering what on Earth I did with my spare Target 3, for once not in my handbag.

And on the topic of boring old dad stories that go know where... I never made dad sit through 10 hours of Thomas the Tank engine a day (as my nephew loves to do), so I'm not even obliged to sit through his stories beyond being a nice daughter let alone those of total strangers... so just in case anyone wondered what happened to the 50 posts a day I get from boring prats giving the same old my bow is better than your bow drivel that seems to be an obsession within the traditional class against the rest of the archery world... it's boring. Really boring. Up there with my PC is better than your Mac tripe and my iPhone is better than your Samsung...Or I guess in reality my bike is better than your evil modern car...So along with arrow to the knee jokes and comments just lacking in basic civility, there will be a lot less of them getting through the comments filter.

I am mortally dependent on insulin, readily available due to modern science, you'll have to excuse me if people ranting about how everything was better in the good old pre scientific invention days doesn't interest me. Traditionally I would have died a slow and horrible death by tradition really isn't the greatest selling point with me. I'm just fine with modern conveniences like smart phones, compound bows and recombinant insulin... oh and the internet for that matter. Not that using any of these would be hypocritical if the old ways are the only good not at all...
End Rant.

But most of all just glad to be home :)