Sunday, November 27, 2011

Erika Queen of bow press :D

So it may surprise you to know that what makes my world complete (certain hottie and my kittens aside), is a bow press. OMG words cannot describe how bad my withdrawal symptoms were getting... They were talking about naming the DVA sur loc press after me since I spent more time using it than anyone else. A year without one readily on hand has me practically gnawing on the furniture crazy by the time i get to use one again. Life is so much easier when you're setting up a bow if you have a bow press there to use as you need.

So a few peeps noticed that the bow in the current vid is a Contender and not a Contender Elite. This is not my new bow, it's just to tide me over and work out which cam i like. So far I'm not sure about the it's a softer cam I thought I might prefer if to be a slightly shorter draw length to account for how hard i pull on the back wall... but thinking it might be okay to run them the same now i've shot it. Now queen of the Bow Master.... great temporary fix for those without a real press...but a little scary to operate...spend a lot of time going 'please don't blow up, please don't blow up'
And I'm thinking I need to get back up to 60lb ASAP....the difference between 18m and 50m @50lb appears to require a difference in draw length...just adjusting the peep isn't's driving me another reason to run two or three bows again.

George the dinky pancreas is doing well although hiding from my endocrinologist after the last 2 months of evil George.... I've heard rumours that there's an insulin patch in phase 2 trials...then I'll just look like a smoker desperately trying to quit instead of an accident prone, human pin cushion :) can't wait! :)

24 days and counting... hope your xmas plans are as cool as mine xx