Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's character building....apparently

so... Croatia... well the weather was nice... ice cream was good as always... and my fav boys and girls were of course all gorgeous. and when someone asks me how I shot...well the weather was great....

it's an awful truth that when you shoot like poo you're going to spend the next month with people asking you how you shot and then offering you excuses for why did you so bad...it's okay. i shot like arse... we don't need to make excuses. so it's kind of like salt in the wounds...and there's no way to get out of such conversations politely... have tried... actually even being blunt doesn't help... 'i don't want to talk about it' has never been met with a polite change of subject ever... so you just grin and bear it and i'm sure it's character building or something and nice to know that people are trying to make you feel better :D

but at the end of the day. this trip was more a practice run than anything. Insulin and blood sugars were good. No accidents or trips to the hospital... so at least that's something... and some time to do nothing but shoot, eat and sleep... best way to spend your days.

a day in Porec... on a virtuous day starts with a run at 6am. breakfast at 7.... fairly high protein, high fat sort of affair... no no sugar/no fat cereals to be found here...
morning shooting sometimes a pre and post breakfast event. all at 50m. lunch of meat...meat and pasta oh and more meat.... afternoon shooting, a little shopping or maybe a game of mini golf... dinner: meat again... some unidentifiable goo with cheese... and desserts that all look great but all taste exactly the same (however do they do that?).....maybe a post dinner shoot...a lot of hi how are you going?!! and then 'who was that and have i actually met them before?'.....a lecture from certain Danish boys for how dodgy my fletching is....a giggle over the sleeping arrangements since twin share  for some reason never means two beds in europe...the inevitable boom in fb friend requests...sometimes from folks who never said a word to you.

and the inevitable post cup lament...i wish i could live at world cup.