Saturday, June 11, 2011

The calm before the storm and that damn wheel again...

So here we are again...World Champs coming up. People always ask are you ready? Hell no. I've been told that the winners are the ones that feel like they are prepared. I have to admit that none of the winners I know ever feel that way. They always feel that more time would be good. Some of us would just like a little more time than others :)

So going into the home stretch, I am feeling okay about where my shooting is. I don't know what clicked in the last few weeks, but I'm stronger than I had been. It's felt like my body is just failing me day after day... but in the last couple weeks it's finally been improving for the work I put in. We had a team camp in Melbourne and shot in evil icy wind all weekend. And I shot like arse... but sometimes it's the awful shooting that you need to gauge your performance off because you haven't seen good weather in so long you don't know how a good day looks anyway :D And right now a crap day is better than a good day was 3 months ago. So we'll take it. 

There's a subtle change in my bow shoulder position. A bit of work with Mr James Park (of Mastering Compound Bows) and he reminded me as he always does that my shoulder line runs very close to the string... so if my arm guard is chewing through serving like crazy, I'm probably turning into the string a tad too close. Jim said just move it out. And in my first decent weather in weeks that's what I'm working on.

Thanks Jim :) Sometimes we need to be told what we should already know. That damn wheel keeps getting remade over and over... but Rome wasn't built in a day... maybe they made a lot of wheels too :D