Thursday, May 24, 2012

You take the damn insulin and eat the stupid jelly bean!

Oh the evils of 7am fitness. So went hypo today walking in the door of my 7am barre class. And had to run out and find something to eat and some juice to see me through. It's such a minor thing and so simple to fix. But I cried anyway. I hate this useless shell that fights me every step and makes a joke of every ounce of effort I put in. Could really use that teaspoon of cement today... a bit of back bone and gumption would seriously go a long way. Some days are just too hard. Screw you world, my body is broken. I'm allowed to sook about it.

New videos to be release on Sunday. We're trying some new things and I hope the response is positive. Have also been invited to do some collaboration videos from some of the local talent. So could be some fun in future. :) people more tech savvy than me want to make movies :)

I've been getting contact too low on the bow hand so am working on fixing that. turning the hand to get a better 45deg angle on the knuckles and it seems to turn more in the shoulder too. giving a very solid feel to the bow shoulder. Feel like a total space cadet, but give it a week or two :)

And you'll notice talking... I'm ever astounded by the compliments on my accent... I shudder to hear it. But many folk have expressed a wish to hear it more.... so I'm punishing you all with my dulcet (if somewhat occa) tones :D no complaints. you asked for it :P

And...shock horror. I show a target. I'm never understanding the appeal of seeing a target. So many people think that seeing one target with arrows on youtube does some how a champion make. It really doesn't. It's one end out of thousands. And shows nothing more than the arrows shot for that one end (assuming you can even prove you shot them). But people ask so there you go.
It's a target. It has arrows. :)

Ooooh and recurve. I am feeling the bug. Really need to be home long enough to actually set my Helix up properly again....preferably before my dad decides i really don't need a recurve anymore and runs off with it. I see those covetous eyes!! I'm thinking I need to buy one of us a new curve..and soon.

On another note, my man is making me all proud in Amsterdam this week. He'll shoot the gold medal match for the European Championships on Saturday. And the beautiful Miss B finished 5th.
So proud of my fav peeps :) Miss you both a heap!