Saturday, February 5, 2011

6Jan2011 Sunday Training

In the beginning there was archery...and then there was training and then there was video training and then there was youtube...and now there is blogging... sounds a little too close to Aussie slang for something else... but then that's not inappropriate for airing one's thoughts on the internet.

So this is for keeping my progress a little better documented..haha and we'll see how the discipline holds up.

Today I added 15 minutes of jump rope to my daily cardio. So current cardio regime is 15minute run at 12km per hour and 15 minutes jumping rope. Also 10 minutes of hill sprints when I pass the evil hill. May as well use it since it's there. Not a huge amount of exercise, but I'm an archer not an athlete :D

Shooting will be 160 arrows compound and whatever I can fit in recurve wise before running off to shout a friend arvo tea for her birthday.

Currently my main concern is how fat I'm getting and how much strength I've lost since my poor old pancreas packed it in. Insulin is freedom, but being healthy means I'm gaining weight dammit! So upping the cardio counting the carbs and getting back on track.

Goals: 200 arrows a day, better time on the running, a leaner Erika, and recurve!!!

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