Monday, March 26, 2012

Danish team

So heading to Shanghai in two weeks. Not shooting, just playing support staff to the Danish and Croatian team...and anyone else they volunteer me for :) But officially for Denmark :D Uniform and official letter of invitation all arranged. How cute! :D

Shooting is going really well. People ask a lot about accuracy (yes I can show you a target with arrows in it...not much point when it's how you shoot in competition that counts) and right now it's not where I want it, but I'm crawling back slowly. I changed the grip on the release just after Vegas and so far I think we're on a winner. Waaaaay back in the day when I was still a poor starving lab rat... I learned how to shoot my first compound with a two finger Stanislowski CNC release... yes we do mean in the days when releases had loops on them and D-loops where a new fangled fancy idea and people still thought shooting compound with a bent arm made sense.... way back in those days. But the thing about the CNC was that it was an interesting beasty. I just wasn't strong enough to shoot it off the mid section of my fingers so I gripped it much deeper in the hand. And well just never really looked back.

But changing to the triggers has been a learning curve...I had amazing beginners luck. Shot a 1400 in practice in something like a month of shooting with my first trigger (gotta hate beginners luck!).... then comes the 3 Ds (doctorate, divorce and diabetes) to majorly interrupt my line of thought and the scores have suffered greatly... and now we've come full circle and we're addressing every annoying habit I've picked up over the last couple years and fixing them one by one. And I think changing my grip on the release was a big one :) Everything just sits in a better line. And even that stupid bow shoulder is in a better position.

Archery can be like herding kittens sometimes...super entertaining, but not always getting anywhere fast :D