Sunday, February 24, 2013

Silence is golden and clowns are creepy...

As much as I talk and speak my mind, I often get in trouble with folk for not having anything to say. I guess I like to speak when there is something to say and then it's oft hard to make me stop... but when one writes a blog, I suspect sometimes we're supposed to say stuff even when we don't have two words to rub together... so sometimes filling the silence is an obligation rather than a nervous habit and I'll apologise if the silence was golden.

Got to play on a high ropes course for a morning. The gentleman taking the course asked what I felt about it before we had started. And I told him I had nothing to say until I was standing on the edge of the high wire. Can't offer an opinion on how I feel about something I haven't tried before and feeling no trepidation with regards to heights generally, I really had no thoughts to offer.
So now I've completed a high ropes course and have a few interesting scrapes to show for it... I can say I'm not afraid of heights, I'm not a fan of safety harnesses that cause the worlds worst wedgies and adrenalin rushes mess with my blood sugar and not in a good way... so lets not try an activity I have an actual phobia of like running down dark corridors filled with clowns... I suspect George the dinky pancreas might object.
They claim such activity can help high stress situations like matchplay finals... I'm expressing my doubts at this point. No offence to Ron my new bow hunter friend who would likely beg to differ... but having your blood pound because you're on a high wire and some putz is jumping around enough to make the whole 10m high run shake that little bit extra... somehow just wasn't the same as the self doubt game we can play in matchplay. On the wire, no matter how exciting it might all be, you know that the harness will catch you if you fall and you'll probably enjoy the rush... nothing catches you when you shoot a bad arrow except the opposition shooting a worse one. So I guess I'd rather just learn confidence in my game and preparation.... I'm not so far seeing the similarity to voluntarily walking a high wire...maybe we should have tried the creepy clowns....

Regardless of clowns, I'm once more heading to Shanghai for World Cup in May. Hoping to see the bf come for a visit leading up to Shanghai and we will fly up together. This time representing different countries :) Being Danish team captain was all fun and stuff but much rather get to play. Shooting arrows is what we live for after all. Super excited for May to get here already :)

And a crack at coaching for the first time in ages last week.... Just a small group. Coaching is a funny beast, you spend a lot of time telling people to do something they already know they need to do, but for some humanly bizarre reason none of us do. How many times do you hear or say 'I know I need to work on that'.... So one has to wonder how awesome we could all be if we just did the things we already know need doing.