Monday, February 14, 2011

Remember there is no spoon...

So... team selection done and dusted.

And what a calamity of misfortunes that was. Day 1 couldn't hit the side of a barn standing inside with the doors shut. No clue what was going on...but it wasn't pretty (1303...I'm pretty sure I haven't shot that bad since I first picked up compound..). Day 2 shooting was marginally better (1343)..would have been hard to be worse... but my back was freaking from too many days of driving and plane flights so I was actually crying with the first arrow each end. And then my draw hand cramped up baaad at 30m and I had to time out for an end and try and ease it up... 5.30am physio to get me sorted before matchplay, said it was just fatigue...stoopid body!!!!!! lost the semi-final on a one arrow shoot off by one point and then won the bronze. Not exactly quality shooting in either match.

But in the midst of this I rediscovered an old friend...patience. At the moment the technique is mostly sound, the strength is a work in progress... but that finesse just isn't there. Yesterday I just remembered that thing I always forget when I'm out of condition.... there is no spoon :)
That perfect moment of looking at the target, but not looking and just waiting for the shot to happen in it's own good time. Don't think too hard about it or it will slip away. Like trying to see a magic eye picture...well okay not a good analogy for the stereoscopically challenged, but hopefully you get the idea.

Of course the thing that makes the ultimate patience really work is having the physical strength the hold it... sigh! Lots of work to do. But what else does a girl do in her spare time really?

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