Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Take that evil boxing bag!!! Ha!!!

It's bucketing with rain and cold as a penguin's bum and I'm contemplating hibernation until we see 30C again sometime in Jan next year... but being driven into the garage for my daily shooting does remind me of my favourite wind down when not shooting...my trusty boxing bag. I'm told by better experts than me that I hit like a girl so nothing more than exercise really, but some days it really is the answer to all evils.

As we start counting down to Croatia I'm trying to get in as much shooting as possible, but day light is limited now and the bad weather is making it worse. Last week I could start shooting at about 6.30am, but this week being so wet and overcast I'm lucky if there's enough light before 7am. I hate this time of year.

Notes to self... bow shoulder looking too mobile, but could just be because of the sharp angle shooting at a low target. Bow hand too tense, getting cramps in the fingers..could be they're just cold, but vid shows the little finger with that distinct crook that usually gives me away. But the head space is great...that still frame like a photograph where everything is just right and the shot goes off... doesn't get much better than that.

So training more in the garage than not. It's a bit like spending too much time in the lab... people who spend too much time at work or training, you can spot them by how comfy the clothes are. I've degenerated to beanies, trackies and my fav and fading Hoyt t-shirt...next step is rocking up in your PJs...