Sunday, February 6, 2011

6am procrastination and why are we doing this??

So it's dawn and I'm putting off going for my run cos it's cold out there and anyone who ever met me knows that cold and Erika do not mix. I am that chick wearing jeans and a hoody on a 30C day when everyone else is boiling.

And so the brain turns to ponder a recent statement by our national shooting body, that running will improve your shooting. I recall being told that when I was a junior and being asked to think of the best archer I knew to prove their point...well he was over a 100kg most of his life. Amazing archer, but certainly not a benchmark for athletic supremacy. And even now...physique is not really a standard thing in archery.

All I've done since I started running again is gain weight (:D well okay insulin is helping that) but it seems a bit like I'm better designed to being a languishing couch potato than a runner if I want to be waif thin. And honestly as the possibly the fittest female compounder in the team selection this year... I can't say my scores have been my friend.

Awesome to see a new slim and slinky Pat Coghlan at the Australia Day shoot. I haven't been that impressed since Jorje Imenes dropped all his weight. Didn't recognise the man. But interestingly the scores at Aus Day were pretty poo all round. Our compounders at their best were called the 100kg club for a reason...Hahahahaha so maybe running just disagrees with our archery :D

But admittedly I like to it's just me pondering rather than complaining...and avoiding the cold cold morning rather than the run :)


  1. Exercise always seems to start with cardio, which makes sense I suppose. More o2, better circulation, so on.. But it seems to me that a heavier mass would prove a more sturdy platform to launch anything (including an arrow) from :D

    You shot 1400 in practice once. Can you remember what you did on that morning that worked?

  2. Nothing but eating and shooting. Phd was finished, blood sugar was in a stable point and the weather was perfect..hard to pick a better week. Form wise it's all in the vids.

  3. Hi erika, I latxeroloko, sports is very important, I go running every day, with my personal trainer, my dog Rasmia is a Siberian husky, I put the harness and I shot the tie at the waist; every day we run about 8 km and one day a week 15 km. Here a long, very cold, but I like it, feel the cold chill in the face can be like a caress, and many as a slap hahaha, I recommend that you use for training, the adidas mycoasch,, I use it, and the results are tollfree.

    Ah sure I'm buying a new bow a vendetta PSE xl do you know?, if you know and you tell me what is your opinion


  5. Sorry! No clue about it. Never shot one.


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