Saturday, September 17, 2011

So Shanghai... 28C everyday..never saw the sun. Humidity you could cut with a knife and skin sticky with smog, sweat and sunscreen...and what an attractive bunch we all made at the end of each day.

The usual suspects were mostly absent, but we managed a foray into the Xinyang Markets to watch haggling over shoes, undies and phone covers.... only to find them starting cheaper again around the corner. But fun to watch the boys more experienced in such ventures haggle like pros.
And no Facebook!!!!!!!!Aaaaaaaagh!!!!First thing we all did arriving in Sydney... was catch up on FB. That's probably a bad thing... but there ya go... FB junkies all.

Aussie team shot well. Some strong performances... Especially Mike Brosnan. Watched Damsbo fight hard for every match (including Mike) and finally get defeated by Angel Ramirez who went on to take 3rd. Saw Dietmar lose a whole arrow in the finals to a busted nock... always heart breaking to watch a match go down like that. But Dietmar finished with class and Reo shot like a machine.. and Miss Jamie shot a world record... kicking arse my dear :)

Shooting: I felt great in ranking, but shot crap.
I won my first match against Pamela from Hong Kong China and then got soundly beaten by Ms Diane Watson of USA. Did that thing of barely dropping a point in practice and then dropping everything in the match. I shot bad. Nothing to report there. Working on a few things including bow arm and head space and feeling okay with the progress. Not unhappy with final world cup for the year.

And a sensitive subject came up. I was asked that I not inject insulin in public. It was suggested that this was insensitive to people who are uncomfortable around illness and needles. May as well ask me to not breathe in public...teaspoon of cement's not hurting you and I don't feel ashamed about living.

Loved Shanghai. It's a fascinating place. Would like more time to explore... maybe next year :)


  1. "I was asked that I not inject insulin in public. It was suggested that this was insensitive to people who are uncomfortable around illness and needles." Wow what jerks! It's like asking me not to take my medication in public because people might think I'm a druggy. The looks I get in restaurants because I have to take pills. It their own problem! If it keeps you alive and it!

    1. Normally I wouldn't have dignified such stupidity with comment, but I think that if it had been said to a child or a more sensitive person and coming, as it did, via official channels it could have been very harmful to say such a thing. I was quite angry that such an idea would even be brought to me. Making people feel like they should be ashamed of their chronic illness is vile. And anyone who thinks seeing me inject insulin is confronting, can try injecting 6 times a day and then tell me how sympathetic I should feel about their discomfort.


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