Sunday, October 2, 2011

So maybe wondering why so many vids close together.... I'm working on my bow arm/shoulder position... may remember I've had a fair bit of advice about this lately. But what has escaped me has been 'how' to make it steady. So the last few days have been spent at close range getting a real feel for that shoulder position. It's not something someone can tell you how to feel. You really need to find it for yourself. Also upping the arrow count gradually again.
Really loving getting some of that steadiness back.... the main thing is when you get it right that bow shoulder should be strong without constantly fighting it. So the points I've been using to judge are the stability of the bow shoulder after i've settled, the strength of the shot pre, during and post release...whether there is bow arm contact... when I get it right I don't need the arm guard... and if i collapse there is a low left shot that gives it away even if i don't hit my arm. Yesterday was 110 shots with a strong shoulder, but only into blank bale. So hopefully it will translate onto target this week.
Loving having 24hr indoor range again.... plug in some tunes, block out the world. Just me and the bow and that perfect head space.


  1. Im havent watched all of ur vids, however i see that sometimes you move your head a bit backwards - as if trying to avoid hitting the string??
    Awesome shooting! Cheers from Denmark.

  2. well if you load your back up with enough tension...there's going to be movement on release. I'm still trying to decide if there's too much movement...but at this point i don't think it's a major concern.

  3. I agree. I was just looking at it as a rifleshooter.. Where its a common problem that shooters are trying to escape recoil..

  4. Hi Erika, 24 hr indoor range? lucky lucky lucky :)
    We could do with that in Scotland...all year.
    My question is-i'm wondering what draw weight is on your recurve?
    Hope you are finding the zen moments :)

  5. @StuCart I shoot 36lb at the poundage cos I don't practice enough recurve for more :)

  6. Nice one, it's not sooo baby.
    Was wondering because i'm just getting back into archery after a broken clavicle and shooting a similarly low poundage.
    Tempted to go to the dark side and switch to compound, hmm :)
    Thanks for sharing your tricks and tips!


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