Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring. :) So new indoor range.. 24hr access assuming there's no forklifts in the way and temperature control. Got my tunes plugged in and no one to mind my horrendous off key singing along. One step closer to getting my world sorted the way I want it :)

New season and new world cup. I leave for Shanghai on Saturday and I dearly wish I had more time to practice at 50m. Main focus for August was the bow arm elbow and shoulder and the bow hand. Contact with the string is generally a good way of checking how I'm doing...and the massive bruise i'm sporting on my left arm is probably a heads up I haven't got it right.... yes I did test it without the arm guard... gotta be sure :D

Made it famous this week on the front page of the Diabetes Tasmania magazine. Doing my bit for diabetes and archery awareness in one hit :)

So last round for the year... wish me luck... it's the season of the moon festival... surely a lucky week...and if not at least we can always eat moon cakes.


  1. Hi Erika, just read your feature in Dtour and was dismayed at your misdiagnosis as Type 2. Loss of weight is usually enough of an indicator to point to Type 1.
    I'm Type 1 myself and self managed. You may like to look at the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust Web site
    It will only mean something to you if you find yourself unstable on synthetic insulin!

  2. Thanks Ian. The article is more just the path to diagnosis isn't always smooth and there's something after it all happens I guess....or More just about encouraging diabetics to be more active and putting archery under their noses :D


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