Friday, March 11, 2011

Less like a toaster...yay!

K, so I was in Lonnie all week for work. And that means morning training at Paringa. The ground was covered in wallabies at 7am. as the sun came up and the fog lifted there were plumes of butterflies with every step. And not a breath of wind. Kind of hard to not love this ground.

Following on from my epiphany of stupidity, I've been working on keeping the set up high and the shoulders low. Scores are on the rise. Shooting less like a retarded toaster everyday. Tuesday morning shooting was one of those do a little dance and punch the air kinds of moments that you're rather thankful no one else is silly enough to be out of bed to witness... but it was a good moment non the less. That point when you realise the hard work is starting to pay off. When you shoot the arrow and know where it's going to land.


  1. That's really funny:) Looks to be a peaceful place, complete with echo. And wallabies.

    Glad to hear it's coming together for you.

  2. Erika found you by chance in youtobe, was looking on curved arches and it was about your videos and archery federation, right here in Brazil and not very popular, not quality material available and easier to make than buy, but the space but a lot of boring and in some places as in Brazil has on box office muta grass and sawed, to throw in the big cities and some of them away, but local staff looks at you with fear and sometimes call the police partnership a band of Indians, now I'm living on the coast of Rio de Janeiro a coastal city and has lost sight of the beach and to keep practicing until the sun goes down but still call the police to see what we're doing =]


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