Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You might be thinking that an archer would be totally buff and awesome at pushups.... but reality is archery uses more back muscle and not so much arm... so me and push ups are not friends. But now after 6 weeks of Barre and pushups every class I can do a whole 20 push ups instead of just half of one :) yay me :)

I've been adjusting my draw length bit by bit for some weeks. So new vids are all me looking at draw length. I've been adding a twist every week to the cables. Feeling less cramped, but the draw weight has been edging up with the draw so had to take a turn off the limbs. So aim is floating a bit and feeling like a retarded toaster on crack.... but all the push ups and sit ups I've been doing on my Saturdays are making my abs and arms sore as on Sundays and I think that's as much an issue as anything...but loving Barre class...and the accuracy is settling again. Now I just need to be home long enough to practice... life would be simpler if hotels didn't freak about shooting in their hallways.

The indoor nationals is coming up so really want to drag out my recurve. It's tradition don't ya know :) Lets see if I can tune her up and look somewhat competent with no practice :D

My brains have officially rotted with my nephew's discovery of Thomas the tank engine... I can hear it ringing in my ears... Until now blissfully ignorant... I'm now know about Thomas, Gordon, Den, Salty, Annie, Clarabelle, Rheneas, the isle of Sodor..... and a host of others my two yr old nephew insists on telling me all about. One desperately hopes he discovers archery ASAP and the impending child is a niece so I never need to hear the Thomas theme song again.

Been chatting with a fellow youtuber about hits and content. He thinks I should talk about things other than archery on my vids. Is it nerdy to admit outside of work there isn't much besides archery? My boyfriend is an archer, his ex is an archer, my ex is an archer, his mum is an archer, my parents are archers, our friends are archers.... We do kind of live and breathe it.

But open to ideas folks :)


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  1. You could always add any other training you do for archery, and maybe talk about some of the gear a little. I'm an international pistol shooter an I'm thinking of giving archery a go. Your videos are great.


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