Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beginners luck?...

So forever and a day my elbow has been high and I've fought with getting comfortable on draw length. So spat the dummy this week and made a big change in draw to see if I can just make it work. Added half an inch in total and am currently feeling really good with the new draw length and anchor. All the lines look much improved and my bow shoulder isn't hitching and I'm not catching my arm every shot. So now everyone cross fingers that it's not just beginners luck (that luck that makes every new piece of kit awesome for a week) and that i never need to have this conversation with my bow or body again :D

Also just ordered a treadmill for home. My broken body prevents running and winter makes long walks somewhat uncomfortable... so bring on the tready! Need to get my cardio back up, I'm going stir crazy. So Erika is a happy camper this week. And feeling super positive about the world.

Mr Martin Damsbo arrives in 16 days for his first visit to Australia.... not that we're counting... So I can run all the changes past the expert when he gets here :) and of course introduce another Danish boy to Australia. Looking at the current flirts on the international archery line, we're all following in Mary's footsteps :)


  1. Hi, you have a new fan. I'm learning to shoot along with my 5 year old daughter. I showed her your videos and she is inspired! The 1st bow we got didn't fit her very well but she didn't give up. We got her a new one recently and she loves it. We might try some local 3D shoots soon. Anyway I thought you might like to see your newest fan in action:

    If you do a little shout out to Sophia in your next video I know she would go crazy! ;)

    1. Unfortunately I have a program for the next few weeks for the Invade London, youtube celebration of the Olympics so a lot of the upcoming videos are already shot. But will see what I can do as soon as I have time :)

    2. Shout out done. Sorry it took a while :)

  2. Ever tried a Concept 2 erg. (rowing machine) great work out. Easy on the joints also good for back, leg and core.

  3. Actually not so good on my hip right now. But spending a lot of time in physio getting that sorted so I can start upping my cardio again.


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