Friday, November 16, 2012

To-may-to, To-mah-to...

Perspective is a fascinating beast.

Have you ever heard a thought so nonsensical that you tilted your head as if the angle of your brain might make it seem more sensible? Kind of like a dog does when you talk to them 'I have no idea what you're saying but if I tilt my brain maybe it will be in dog language'. I've tried tilting my head... it doesn't work any better for me than it did for my dog. I'm sure the owner is convinced it was an insightful and meaningful expansion of grey matter. It's all about perspective.

The folk who ask for your opinion and then disagree with the answer because despite their acknowledged and complete ignorance, they know better. Their reason for asking in the first place,  when they apparently think they know the answer, likely makes more sense in their own heads. Perspective.

My cats see the paper bag under my bed as prime real estate to be fought over at every opportunity. Highest props go to the fat furry butt that gets to grace said real estate. I see it as the most annoying noise on the planet at 4am and a reason to put fat furry butts outside...and maybe it's a bit cute...only a bit...

One of my friends sees cooking as a torture designed by tight arses who won't buy her dinner and cook worse than she does. My boyfriend sees it as a step to getting fed. I see it as my fav way of showing how much I love my friends and family. I would much rather bake you a cake or cook you dinner. I suck at presents.

A hunter sees archery as a vehicle for hunting. A long bower sees it as a link to the past. Some folk don't see the bow at all. I see it as head space and calm. Many see only a target and maybe we all try and fit things to what we want rather than what is truly offered. It's all about perspective and sometimes no amount of head tilting will change the way we see things.

But this is my world, so I make the rules. It's my perspective.
It isn't about the coffee cup being half empty or half full. It's about the caffeine people. So clear head, perfect score, great physique, awesome shot, dead's all archery to me.
Just shoot the damn arrow.

And on a side note...
Waiting on a Pro Comp Elite and a Spyder. Everyone cross fingers they arrive before I head to Berlin in mid December. I'm hoping to have enough time to set up the PCE for Berlin, but as Martin put it I'll be fresh off a 40 hour trip and jet lagged as all hell so maybe getting a new bow set up is the least of my worries :D But he's the one driving us from Denmark, so me and my jet lag can sleep on the way there.

Life has been busy and as usual getting in the way of things I want to do so not a whole lot of shooting going on. I have posted a new video with a view to trying something new. A little show and tell of good technique compared to bad. I'm hoping it will be a useful vehicle for showing what really can't be explained in with words alone.

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  1. Erika, you will likely laugh at me a bit...but for a host of reasons, at age 41, I finally decided to get up the courage to try to learn recurve shooting. I'd never touched a bow before a week ago today, but I am addicted. I tend to be a person whose mind is always busy; I've never had a clear, calm space. I've tried meditating, and all that kind of stuff, but it's too, well, quiet. lol. Until last week, when I spent 90 minutes talking recurves and having a lesson with a boy who has hunted recurves practically his entire life. Then I went back on Monday and shot 90-ish arrows and 100+ again last night. It's dawned on me in those three sets of times, I thought about nothing but my form and the target. All the noise vanished and I felt completely, totally serene. I feel like perhaps I have found that which I have been searching for my entire life…which is kinda corny, but it feels true.

    In that vein, I have already (are you still laughing at me? I am...) found your videos to be of massive help. Right now, my idea is to learn on targets, and PERHAPS go to small game, but maybe not. I am going again this morning, as they want me to come several times and see what draw weight I can build up to before buying a recurve. They seem like nice fellas, but I feel like all I do is ask really novice questions. Thank you, dear! You help me to reduce the questions for the boys , and you are an inspiration!



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