Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glædelig jul og et Godt Nytår

Sooo...Christmas in Denmark.

After 3 fairly traditional christmas meals (modern and old fashioned) I don't think I ever need to eat again....Meat, potato, rugbrød, risalamande....and loooots of marzipan.... ooh yeah and schnapps....still haven't seen a vegetable :D It's like Ireland with a pub on every corner...just it's a bakery on every street. 

Erika and cold....we were sitting in the lounge after xmas dinner and it's was apparently 26C in the room...I had a blanket over my knees and my coat still on...everyone else was sweating :D

New years eve with my favourite people... and a cancelled flight so I got an extra day my fav person :)

Shooting was worth it. Denmark knows how to set up an indoor range :)
Just playing with a few things and getting my new Contender Elite with GTX cams set up. Love the bow so far :) I'm still bow tuning retarded. But having two of the top compounders in the world to scratch their brains and offer their thoughts was gold. Learnt a little more about bow set up and shot set up...and philosophy on bow tuning...made Danish tv :D, heard Danish in a cornish accent... learned a little Danish, saw the little mermaid... got Hans Christian Anderson's stories in Danish (my new reading project...a bigger challenge than Harry Potter in Spanish)... watched candy being made in the Søemod Bolcher.... 42kg of sugar a batch...kind of funny for a diabetic, but they make great sugar free ones too :)

So now kicking back in København Airport waiting to fly the too many miles home and start planning for Vegas...and seriously need to qualify for hoping I've got the help I needed to make it all come together again. We'll beat that pancreas yet.


  1. At the moment its a warm danish winter! A danish christmas is certainly a time with lots and loads of food. At a hospital near copenhagen ( in Rødovre) they are at moment developing a electronic artificial pancreas.

  2. That sound like an awesome Christmas! New contender elite?!? Have you ever heard of Randy Rutledge? He is considered the best bow tuner in the US. He is incredible...everyone I know in the archery world uses him. I personally use him and he has never let me down. On top of that he is a full Hoyt and Easton sponsor. His prices are incredible! 2 dozen X10's $700! I'm sure he would answer your questions and help you set up your new bow. He is a great guy, his wife also is an amazing shooter. Their daughter even got a full archery sponsorship to college. If you want his number let me know.



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